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Mission Statement

Unleash your child's imagination
Quality childcare education. Serving the Brighton area for 10 years.

FirstArt  is a Christian based program emphasizing early literacy skills, and the arts. The arts are defined as a “broad subdivision of culture, composed of many expressive disciplines. The arts encompass: visual arts (comprising of fine art, decorative art, architecture and crafts) literature, the performing arts, including music, drama, film, dance, and related media.” FirStart focuses on children and their families by offering true quality childcare (as defined below), exemplary customer service, an open door policy, and Christian kindness.

Our definition of quality childcare:

  •  A safe, well monitored, stimulating, creative environment that attends to a child’s physical, spiritual, emotional, social and academic well being.

  •  An age appropriate, hands-on, play-based curriculum using the Core Knowledge program and standards.

  •  A well trained, caring, state approved staff with college credentials.

  •  Constant communication with our families. This communication will include basic daily information, messages sent via e-mail in a weekly newsletter, and an open door policy to schedule in person communication.

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